by Pierre Lemaître

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A young woman named Alex is kidnapped from the street in Paris, held in a wooden crate in an abandoned warehouse, is waiting to die. Police Commandant Camille Verhoeven reluctantly takes the case--his wife was kidnapped and murdered, and his boss needs him to focus on new cases, not dwell on the past. All Verhoeven has to go on are a few witness reports and clues from the kidnapping scene--no one even knows who was kidnapped, never mind the possible motive. As the investigation progresses, there are many surprising twists and turns--this is not a book where you continue to see Alex be tortured, suffer, and die--but to say more than that would spoil the read. Told in alternating voices, this is a tense, noir thriller with an interesting cast of supporting characters. This is the Pierre Lemaitre's first book translated into English, and we'll likely be seeing more of Commandant Verhoeven.


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