by Meg Cabot

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Emerson Watts is a tomboy, a brain, totally not fashion-conscious and all of that drives her little sister Frida crazy. How can you not read the tabloids, follow the stars, and care about what you wear? Especially, how can anyone not care about the mega-watt star Nikki Howard? Well, Em doesn't. But when she takes Frida to a media event to get Nikki's autograph, Em is forced to care about Nikki Howard in a very intimate way when a freak accident results in Em's brain being transplanted into Nikki Howard's perfect, media-worshiped, supermodel body!!! The transition is painful, awkward, (totally fun), and has to be kept top secret--even from her family and friends. Read more to discover how the NEW Nikki Howard lives and how Emerson Watts learns to cope with stardom. WARNING: If you don't like sequels, don't read this book, because it will leave you hanging.

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