by Karen Thompson Walker

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Sometimes, the disaster that could end the world isn't a meteor, or zombies, or a deadly virus. Something that we all take for granted, like the turning of the earth in its 24-hour cycle, when disrupted, can cause more devastation that we would have thought possible. Join 12 year old Julia for her accounting of "the slowing," as scientists discover that our days are getting longer and longer. The new cycles of night and day affect everything from gravity and crops to weather, tides, and people's minds. Julia, in her first year of middle school, deals not only with large, world-changing issues, but also with the everyday of being in sixth grade--friendships, boys, fighting parents and a grandfather who is convinced that the new cycles of the earth are all a government conspiracy. A global disaster beautifully told on the scale of how it affects one girl and her world of family, school, and friends. Will leave you wondering what you would do in a similar situation.

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