by Kumiko Suekane

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Afterschool Charisma Volume 1 is the first in a graphic novel series about a boarding school which only accepts students who are clones of famous historical figures - and Shirou - a normal boy whose father is the director of the school.

In the first book, the drama and sinister antagonists are just barely introduced enough to hook the reader for following volumes. An interesting premise keeps your attention and the characters are undeniably interesting - Freud always messing with people's minds, a beautiful and cruel Cixi (who I had to look up and learned was the brutal leader of China during the Boxer Rebellion), and a surprisingly gentle and thoughtful Hitler.

I thought the oh-so-predictable topless girls shenanigans and the petty bickering of the characters was a little insulting to readers who, I think, could have intuited relationships without them being spelled out, but overall it was a fun, suspenseful read.

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