by Malinda Lo

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Oh man! This is one of my favorite books of the year! Flocks of birds across North America are causing planes to crash. Reese, her debate partner David, and their teacher are stranded in Phoenix. Things are getting ugly at the airport so they decide to drive home to San Francisco because no one knows when people will be allowed to fly again. On the way, they have an accident and wake up in a strange place. Reese can kind of remember what happened after the wreck, but it’s so strange that she doesn’t think it was real. David won’t talk to her about it and to make matters worse, they’re threatened into silence by the government. Conspiracies abound, Reese knows she isn’t quite right but can’t explain how- much less figure out the truth.  When Reese meets Amber she’s presented with yet more questions, but also perhaps a way to get some answers too? If you loved the conspiracy feel of the Uglies trilogy or Little Brother, you will definitely enjoy this book.

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