by Richard Yancey

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The first book in a projected trilogy and soon to be a major motion picture this is the next big thing according to lots of reviewers. Aliens are threatening earth and apparently exterminating as many humans as they can, but years ago they implanted babies with their consciousness and so now no one knows who is human and who is alien. This is the premise and the plot takes off in a hurtling race to have the protagonist Cassie (Cassiopeia) Sullivan to understand her new world in order to survive. This is a tough world where annihilation is the goal, but remarkably also a small planet with most of the action centered around an Army base and the surrounding countryside, which helps explain the high number of coincidences that readers will need to accept. If you loved Roth’s Divergent, or Collin’s Catching Fire, then this is for you. Don’t think too hard or it will all unravel, but if you read from the gut this will be one you’ll not be able to put down. Yancey’s premise is that if you try to get rid of everyone, the lambs and easy targets will be gone quickly, but those who are able to survive will be the tough and strong.

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