by Johan Harstad

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Would you enter a lottery for a chance to spend a week on the moon? What if you knew there was a chance that you'd never come back? NASA is trying to revitalize the space program and get everyone excited about moon exploration, years after the first Apollo flights. They reveal to the public that a space station was built on the moon in the early 70s, and they want to start using it again, and eventually start mining for precious minerals on the moon. There's a worldwide lottery for 3 teens to win coveted spots on the first return trip to the moon. Millions enter. The chosen are Mia, from Norway, who really just wants to play with her band; Midori, from Japan, who wants out of the strict control of her parents; and Antoine from France, who just wants to get away from a terrible breakup with his girlfriend. They're all going to the moon for their own reasons, but strange things start to happen when they get there, and soon they're all fighting for survival and hoping they'll make it back to earth. This book is a creepy blend of science fiction and horror, and may have you looking up at the night sky just a little differently!

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