by Nova Ren Suma

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One day seventeen year old Lauren drives past a missing girl poster and her life changes drastically. She begins to see many of these seventeen year old missing girls and they are trying to communicate with her. They talk to her and let her see why they are in danger. Lauren feels like it is up to her to help them. Abigail Sinclair, or Abby, is one of those missing girls. She is presumed to be an endangered runaway after she was last seen leaving on her bike one evening at a nearby summer camp for girls. Lauren begins to find many clues that do not seem to lead to her being a runaway, but finding anyone to believe her without thinking she is crazy is another story. One by one, and sometimes all together, these girls invade her life, consuming her. This causes everyone around Lauren to become concerned. Is Lauren really seeing missing girls who may be dead or in danger, or is she in fact losing her mind?

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