by Andy Griffiths

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Andy and Terry live in the tree house. It’s amazing. Think Berenstain Bears' house on steroids. It has a movie theater, library, shark tank, see through pool, room full of pillows, bowling alley, secret underground laboratory, game room, swinging vines to take you anywhere, and of course bedrooms for the owners.  My favorite? a marshmallow machine that follows you around and automatically shoots them into your mouth whenever you’re hungry.  But of course, it’s best feature? It’s where they write books together.  The house gives them great ideas, they create a “catnary”, but the house is also very distracting and they are really late for the deadline on their next book. Join Andy and Terry on an hilarious trip through their tree house as they share their daily adventures,  misadventures, ideas, and eventually their finished book. The simple black and white drawings provide lots to look at and are perfect match for the handmade style of the book. The 26 Story Treehouse comes out in 2014.

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