Poetry Audio Archive

2015 Recordings

Night Raid, A Visit to the Library
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

by Rickey Broida

All Things Impresario..., Menagerie on the Avenue
by Rodney McClimans

Traveling Shoes
by James Davis

Her Lovely Name
by Mario Spassov

by Walter de la Mare

What the River Taught
by Trish Kinkel

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
by Robert Frost

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
by Eugene Field

2014 Recordings

April 1: Vernal Thrum
by Emily Peros

April 2: The America I Want to See
by Arturo García

April 3: The Earth: Consisting of Earthen Ware
by Robin Filipczak (Dutch)

April 4: Colorado Boy
by Rickey Broida, read by James Davis

April 5: Madré
Juan Manual Patraca (Spanish)

April 6: Tenía un Perro
by Arturo García (Spanish)

April 7: Revery
by Steve Smallwood

April 8: Soneto de Fidelidade
read by Eneida Gastal-Keith, written by Vinicius de Moraes (Portuguese)

April 9: Chinooks, Colorado Foothills
by Eduardo Garbrieloff

April 10: Disobedience
read by Lisa Broad, written by A.A. Milne

April 11: Un Poema de Amor
by César Corial (Spanish) (Sexually Explicit)

April 12: Night Raid
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 13: August 15
by Emily Peros

April 14: Leon the Lyin' Lion
by Steve Smallwood

April 15: Tata Dios
by Rosa Gutierrez (Spanish)

April 16: A Breeze Feels Better When It's Hot
by James Davis

April 17: Eulogy
by Michael-Roman Dixon

April 18: Brides of Elvis
read by Laurie Spurling (from All Shook Up: Collected Poems about Elvis)

April 19: Ode to Joy
by Friedrich Schiller, read by Veronika Albl, music 9th Symphony by Beethoven

April 20: A Gilpy's Life
by Rodney McClimans

April 21: Hoy te veo
by Jesus Rodriguez (Spanish)

April 22: Desire of a Writer
by Francisco Trejo

April 23: Wedding Poem
by Keegan Perkins

April 24: La Roca
by Juan Ramirez (Spanish)

April 25: Natural History
read by Steven Divide, written by E.B. White

April 26: An Epicure, Dining at Crewe
read by Joe Cahn, written by Anonymous

April 27: Halfway Down
read by Lisa Backman, written by A.A Milne

April 28: Cascadas de Pasion
by Sandra Ruiz (Spanish) (Sexually Explicit)

April 29: Podcast for Bicycles
read by Evi Klett, written by Nikki Giovanni

April 29: Long Line of Warriors
by Jennifer Pacheco

April 30: Penpals
by Nashon Cook

April 30: Star Map
by Trish Kinkel

2013 Recordings

April 1: Cotopaxi
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 2: Bond and Free
by Robert Frost

April 3: Mermaid, 1969
by Tameca L. Coleman

April 4: Echoing Empty
by Emily Peros

April 5: Elegy
by Mario Spassov

April 6: Conversations In My Head
by Anna Keiser

April 7: Raining Chandelier
by Steve Smallwood

April 8: The Illuminated
by Brad

April 9: The Gifts of the Moon
by Charles Baudelaire

April 10: Arrival
by Margie McCreless Roe

April 11: Cotopaxi 1855
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 12: Tennessee Man
by Angie Carlson

April 13: The Owl and the Pussycat
by Edward Lear

April 14: Caminarte es otra cosa
by Arturo Garcia

April 15: To Walk You is Something Else
by Arturo Garcia

April 16: Broken - A Haiku
by Leigh Ann Kennison

April 17: Poem for National Bookmobile Day
by Alexis Tischler

April 18: O Captain! My Captain!
by Walt Whitman

April 19: All I Got
by Emily Peros

April 20: I'm Like That Old Melody
by Jaymes Allyn

April 21: On the Farm
by Leigh Ann Kennison

April 22: Martin Luther King
by Juan Manuel Patraca

April 23: Habits of the Hippopotamus
by Arthur Guiterman

April 24: I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
by William Wordsworth

April 25: The Things We Dare Not Tell
by Henry Lawson

April 26: May 17, 1973
by Eduardo Gabrieloff

April 27: La madre de un inmigrante
by Juan Manuel Patraca

April 28: Around the Corner
by Emily Peros

April 29: Arrullo diurno
by Ramón Suárez

April 30: On Tearing the Lion in Half
by BD Miller