Darlings, Get Yourself to the Theatre for Holiday Fun!

Phoebe Reese, blogging for a cause -- Holiday cheer for all of you -- and a good sturdy new year start for Fresh City Life. Plus single-handedly saving Denver theatre.

Hello my little rum balls!

Pictured left top photo, Phoebe Reese and her littlest fan. Can you tell how much I adore children from this photo? Well I do!, But these tiny tots have no visible means of support -- they don't buy theatre tickets or souvenir programs or cocktails at intermission. What a bore! Second pic is the adorable trio who founded Balls: Melanie Owen Padilla, Mare Trevathan and GerRee Hinshaw. Aren't they sweet?

So we need your support for Balls. This Thursday, December 9, I will be kicking off the Balls: A Holiday Spectacular season wth our wonderful show loaded to bursting with celebrities and hangers-on! Not only will I be opening the show, but I'll be back for a special storytelling segment in which I'll share my happiest (and strangest) Christmas memory -- getting snowed in at my Aspen chalet with none other than Midler and Minnelli!. You haven't lived until you spend Christmas eve with these two dames. It's a little known fact that Liza is lactose intolerant -- and its a more widely known fact that she is bourbon intolerant, too. You won't believe what happened!!

Enjoy music and laughter and sweet stories of the holidays...all for a good cause, dearies, so I hope you'll come. Suggested donation of $15-35. Tix and info here.

Written by Chris on December 6, 2010

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