You Choose: Engaging Interactive Books

All the books on this list put the reader in charge of the story by letting them choose what happens next. 

Doeden, Matt.

"Describes the fight for survival while climbing some of the world's tallest mountains"--Provided by publisher.

Doeden, Matt, author.

This You Choose adventure is told from three different perspectives--the witch tries to explain that her motives are innocent; Gretel helps her brother Hansel explore a planet made of chocolate; and Hansel follows his wheelchair-bound friend Gretel into a virtual reality simulation--and the reader chooses which plot to pursue.

Gunderson, Jessica, author.

"Takes readers on a self-guided tour of the mythical war between the Olympian and Titan gods with each choice affecting the outcome of the story"-- Provided by publisher.

Lane, Tamsin, author.

When a local theater announces a casting call for "The Wizard of Oz," Tara is determined to win the role of Dorothy, in a book where the reader chooses the main character's path.

Lassieur, Allison, author.

Experience the Stanley Hotel as you've never seen it before up close and personal! YOU CHOOSE the path you take through this haunted hotel.

Lay, Kathryn, author.

Josh and Jenny are disturbed that their school is suddenly overrun with nearly identical substitute teachers who ask strange questions and record everything that the students say--but when their own teacher disappears the twins set out to find out what is going on, and who is responsible, and the reader must choose the solution.

Magaziner, Lauren, author.

Carlos and his friends must uncover who is sending death threats to a wealthy eccentric or Carlos' mother may lose her business, and the reader decides which clues they will follow.

Manuro, 1977- author.

Siblings Hocus and Pocus, students at a magical school, investigate the strange disappearance of two children, in a book where the reader's decisions determine the end of the story.

Matoso, Madalena, illustrator.

Travel along the story path and discover an enchanted world where fairy princesses battle with monsters from the deep and vampire cats zoom through the galaxy on silver unicorns. This innovative twist on the classic quest tale allows young readers to choose their own characters, settings and plots at every turn. With a simple, easy-to-follow structure and bold, quirky imagery by award-winning illustrator Madalena Matoso, this is an imaginative storytelling experience for children of all ages. Who will you meet? Where will you go? What will you do next? It's all up to you... Ages 0+

McInerney, Joanna, author.

"The gnomes need your help! Explore their underground world and help them rescue their gold from a fire-breathing dragon! Navigate through the dinosaur pit and watch out for the giant anteater, solving math problems and collecting objects along the way" --Publisher description.

Shiga, Jason.

In this choose-your-own adventure graphic novel, a boy stumbles on the laboratory of a mad scientist who asks him to choose between testing a mind-reading device, a time machine, and a doomsday machine.

Shuky, author.

Three brothers who dream of joining the Royal Order of Knights must solve riddles, learn combat techniques, and gather magical objects, in a book where the reader's decisions determine the end of the story.

Smith, Daniel, 1976- author.

"Set off from London and travel across the globe. Then try to make it back! In Lonely Planet Kids' Around the World in 50 Ways, kids choose their favourite routes and transportation, from tuk-tuks and sleds, to steamboats and hot-air balloons. They'll visit famous cities and exotic, far-flung places - and learn amazing facts about each destination along the way. But they'll need to be careful: not every path will take them where they want to go!"--Publisher's website.

Tallec, Olivier, author, illustrator.

The simple text asks the reader a series of questions, and the reader flips the die-cut pages to mix and match, creating humorous stories to answer the questions.

Tsang, Evonne.

By choosing a specific page, will the reader, newly endowed with super powers, become a hero or a supervillain?

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