All About Insects

Abdo, Kenny

This book focuses on Ant-Man and the animal that informed his character, the ant! It breaks down the origin of Ant-Man and explores the abilities and strengths that the animal and superhero share. Colorful photographs, simple text, a glossary, and an index are also included.

Litwin, Megan

Best friends and fellow bug catchers Dirt and Bugsy gather supplies and make a structure to shelter their insects from an incoming storm.

Ware, Jessica L.

Set over a 24-hour period, meet busy honeybees, transforming caterpillars, and an army of leafcutter ants in this kids' nonfiction book about the coolest insects on Earth. Follow the lives of individual bugs as they fly, hunt, hide, and scuttle their way through their day. Bug expert Dr. Jessica L. Ware introduces characters from cicadas to butterflies in the style of a nature documentary, with a sprinkling of simple science explanations perfect for future zoologists. Witness incredible moments including: A dragonfly escaping a hungry frog A shield bug looking after her newly-hatched babies A gigantic comet moth with superpowered wings Beautifully illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat and packed with animal facts, Bugs (A Day in the Life) is one of the first titles in an exciting new series of animal books from Neon Squid. 

Berkowitz, Eliza

Become a bug expert with this field guide for kids! Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to jump into the fascinating world of bugs! You'll discover fascinating facts about the United States' most common insects, as well as a DIY project, a log for keeping track of your finds, important information on protecting bugs, and a glossary of bug-related terms.

Bradford, K. Tempest

Eleven-year-old Ruby, a Black girl who loves studying insects, accidentally captures an alien bug, but when the creature escapes and starts wreaking havoc around the neighborhood, it is up to Ruby and her rag-tag group of friends to find this new invasive species before the feds do.

Cousins, Lucy

Bee, Ladybug, Beetle, and Dragonfly are looking for a good place to live. And they each want something different. Every time they find what seems like the perfect spot, they soon discover it's underfoot, near traffic, or otherwise not safe. How will these four friends ever find a good place?

Dahl, Michael

Get ready to laugh from the ant farm to the beehive with these silly bug jokes! Laugh-out-loud jokes are paired with hilarious photos to keep young readers turning the pages.

DGPH Studio

The fabulous diversity of the tiny animal kingdom is on full display in this beautifully designed book featuring some of the most interesting insects on earth. See how amazing insects truly are! They can be as small as a grain of sand, or bigger than the palm of your hand. Some fly miles to find the right mate and others lie still for years underground.

Frost, Helen

With lyrical language and stunning photographs of praying mantises, Helen Frost & Rick Lieder...invite young readers to observe the beauty of the natural world.

Fullman, Joe

The third in Lonely Planet Kids' award-winning Atlas series, this book takes a tour of the magical miniature world of creepy crawlies. We travel around the globe to uncover all sorts of fascinating bugs: from zombie ants and giant millipedes to beautiful butterflies.

Hosler, Jay

Nyuki is a brand-new honey bee, and she has a lot of questions. Follow her on a lifelong journey as she annoys her sisters, avoids predators, and learns to trust her inner voice as she masters the way of the hive.--Adapted from jacket. Includes a section at the end of the book called "Odds & Ends" with facts and information about bees.

Lerner, Gail

At a secret laboratory devoted to the peacful coexistenc of human and insects, the fate of the insect world hangs in the balance of ten-year-old Eden who can speak to insects and nine-year-old August, a bullied fourth grader who wants to squash everything.

Maloney, Brenna

A humorous and engaging nonfiction book about bugs.

Martinez, Claudia Guadalupe

A Mexican jumping bean isn't a bean at all. It's a fascinating home and food source for a special kind of caterpillar!

Martins, Dino J.

There are more than one million different kinds of insects in the world ... and curious young minds seem to have just as many questions about them! This book is set up in a child-friendly, question-and-answer format, and has lots of wonderful images, too. Children will learn how real scientists observe insects, capture them to study up close, and release them back into the wild.

Mayerling, Tim

Carefully leveled text and vibrant photographs introduce the earliest readers to a variety of familiar insect species. Includes table of contents, photo labels, picture glossary, and index.

McCarthy, Cecilia Pinto

Many people enjoy eating meat. But livestock takes up a lot of land and resources. Bugs take less space, water, and food. They are also more nutritious than meat. Eating Bugs as Sustainable Food looks at the science behind raising and eating bugs and why eating bugs might help feed more people around the world. Easy-to-read text, vivid images, and helpful back matter give readers a clear look at this subject.

Mone, Gregory

Adapted from the adult title Microsculpture, this book for young readers is a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification that celebrates the wonders of nature and science. Levon Biss's photographs capture in breathtaking detail the beauty of the insect world and are printed in large-scale formats to provide an unforgettable viewing experience.

Narita, Kate

A boy and girl find and count 100 different bugs in their backyard in increments of ten.

Percival, Kari

The beautiful simplicity of a garden is depicted through digital woodcut illustrations and engaging nonfiction text presented as a series of sweet questions and gentle replies. Less of a traditional how-to and more of a how-to-appreciate, this soothingly sparse text paints an inviting and accessible picture of what a garden offers. And with an all-child cast, the absence of an adult presence empowers readers to view the garden and its creatures through their own eyes, driven by curiosity and wonder.

Singer, Marilyn

Illustrations and simple, rhyming text portray bugs of all kinds busily going about their days. Includes facts about each bug pictured.

Tabor, Corey R.

Ladies and gentlebugs, presenting the duke of the dandelion patch, champion of truth and justice, the one, the only--Sir Ladybug! Sir Ladybug never shies away from a quest, even when he'd rather be playing a video game or baking a cake. So when a caterpillar needs rescuing from a "monster" (a hungry chickadee), Sir Ladybug and his trusty friends--his herald, a roly-poly named Pell, and his squire, a snail named Sterling--hatch the perfect (delicious) plan.

Thomas, Isabel

Did you know that without insects, humankind could not survive? This illustrated, fact-filled title explores the huge variety of insects, with a focus on what makes an insect an insect, the differences between the groups, and why insects are the most important animal group on Earth. Broken down into sections exploring each of the main types of insect, each section takes a different, playfully visual approach to really capture the character of the insects in the order being explored. Includes practical advice for observing insects safely and ways to encourage insects into a garden no matter how small.

Weston, Robert Paul

This sweet and gentle picture book celebrates summer in Japan, as one little girl shares her love for insects with her cousin who is visiting from America.

Windness, Kaz

A worm and a caterpillar are best friends and when one of them is about to go through a big change, they both learn what is inside is what counts.

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