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Book cover of The Girl Who Drank the Moon with a girl with brown skin and black hair looking up at a full moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill tells how Luna, after being raised by a witch, must figure out how to handle the magical powers she was accidentally given. Can she learn to control her powers before it's too late? The book won the 2017 Newbery Medal.

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Book Activities

If you're like us, after you finish reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon, you might want to stay in that magical world for a little longer. Try these activities:

Origami birds

Adara, the madwoman in the tower makes hundreds of paper birds which come to life.  Learn how to make your own origami bird. Try these video instructions for more help. 

Create a map

Maps also play a big role in the story.  Create a map of your town, your house or an imaginary place. Or, draw a treasure map.

Name meanings

Look up the meaning of your own name.

Learn more about Kelly Barnhill

The author, Kelly Barnhill won the Newbery Medal for writing The Girl Who Drank the Moon. Watch this short interview with her to learn more about how she wrote the book. 

Write Some Poetry

The swamp monster Glerk is always reciting poems written by “The Poet”.  There are many kinds of poems.  Try your own hand at writing different forms of poetry! Author Kwame Alexander can teach you to write a haiku. Or author Jason Reynolds can inspire you to write a shower song. Or follow along with librarian Val below to write an acrostic!

For even more, try one of the extension activities on this printable sheet.

More Book Explorers discussion and activities.

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