RECAP: Fall Poetry Walk 2020

In September, fifteen Denver Public Library branches launched a Poetry Walk program to celebrate the love of poetry and encourage residents to take a stroll through their neighborhoods to hunt for and enjoy poetry shared on nearby storefronts and public spaces around the branches.

White poster containing poem posted on a red wall outside of Ink Coffee shop

Local librarians selected a balance of adults’, children’s and Spanish-language poems that span the diverse interests of the community including works by poets such as Nicolás Cabrera, Ross Gay, and Ona Gritz who said, “Thank you so much for choosing to include my poem as part of the [Denver Public Library] Poetry Walk. I feel really honored.”

The response from local businesses for permission to place posters displaying the poems was also heartwarming and overwhelmingly positive. Check out the below list of branches participating in the fall poetry walk - poems will remain in most neighborhoods through the month of November. 

Written by dbrooks on October 30, 2020