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Memory Cafe is a fun place to socialize, relax, and engage with people experiencing memory loss and their families/caregivers. Each cafe has a focus—such as music or art—to facilitate the main goal, which is a social connection for individuals with shared experiences. At the Memory Cafe, you can just be yourself -- without worrying about remembering or forgetting.

Today's Theme - Memory Cafe Walks! - Crestmoor Park

Description –   Let's meet at Crestmoor Park where we can walk around the park together! We will have the Denver Public Library's Bookmobile present with books and movies to check out. And maybe... even some goodies!  We will meet at the tennis courts off of Locust Street.

This program will be held at a public park and is open to the public.  If weather is questionable please call 720-865-0000 to confirm that the walk will take place.

Disclaimer: The Denver Public Library takes great pride in designing programs and services for the unique communities that we serve. We make our resources, services, and expertise available for all, and prioritize open access to information. Be advised that the views expressed by the presenters or guests are their own and may not represent the views of the Denver Public Library. 

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