Virtual Memory Cafe featuring the Colorado Ballet



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Virtual Memory Cafe is a fun place to socialize, relax, and engage with people experiencing memory loss and their families/caregivers. Each cafe has a focus—such as music or art—to facilitate the main goal, which is a social connection for individuals with shared experiences. At the Memory Cafe, you can just be yourself -- without worrying about remembering or forgetting.

Today's Theme – BrainDance with Colorado Ballet's Education & Community Engagement Team 

Description – Our mission is Every. Body. Dance. and that includes you! In this approachable movement session, participants can choose their level of participation as we explore something called the BrainDance. Together we'll experience 8 movement patterns based on brain development to strengthen our mind-body connection and help fill in natural gaps in our sensory-motor systems. Benefits of BrainDance also include building strength and increasing flexibility and mobility for overall physical health. During this session, you will have the opportunity to try some ballet positions and get creative while connecting with the community. We believe that every day is a good day to enjoy the benefits of intentionally moving your body and having some fun; we can't wait to dance with you!

To join this program, please click and follow this link. The Wait-Room for this program will be open starting Tuesday, May 18th, at 1:15 PM.

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