Virtual Memory Cafe featuring Clyfford Still Museum



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Virtual Memory Cafe is a fun place to socialize, relax, and engage with people experiencing memory loss and their families/caregivers. Each cafe has a focus—such as music or art—to facilitate the main goal, which is a social connection for individuals with shared experiences. At the Memory Cafe, you can just be yourself -- without worrying about remembering or forgetting.

Today's Theme - Exploring Still's Paintings the Clyfford Still Museum

Description - Have you ever thought about what a painting would sound like or taste like? What if a painting could talk? What would it say? Clyfford Still was all about the viewer (you!) finding their own interpretation of his art. Let's explore Still's paintings together! We will also make our own art, bring whatever art-making supplies you would like to use. 

To join this program, please click and follow this link. The Wait-Room for this program will be open starting Tuesday, January 19, at 1:15 PM.

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