Virtual D&D for teens Campaign: Trouble on the Highseas

Ideal Ages:

13 to 18
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Hello, adventurers!  This event is for a campaign, so a continuing storyline across multiple sessions.  If you only have a little experience with Dungeons and Dragons, that is totally fine!  However, we ask for no first time players because of current character levels. This campaign will be loosely based in the Forgotten Realms setting.  It will draw from original concepts and mechanics, official Dungeons and Dragons materials, and freely available fan contributed content.  You will be playing a group of both likely and unlikely heroes as they begin to make a name for themselves in the Northern Sword Coast.  Come prepared with a eighth level character and be ready for adventure! We'll send you a link to the session before meeting.


It’s been more than a century since the Spellplague rocked the foundations of life in the world of Abeir-Toril. In the intervening time, great powers have risen and fallen, heroes have made names for themselves, villains have capitalized on the mayhem, and dark powers once forgotten have been allowed to reestablish themselves. Nowhere is this more true than along the Northern Sword Coast where once noble ideals have changed, righteous alliances have dissolved and inequity has been allowed to fester. This is a land in need of heroes.  But what happens when one of its most beloved heroes appears to turn her back on all that is good and begins to bring chaos and destruction instead?  Will you be someone to whom the people can turn?


To get in the game, email Melody at Players are currently at level 8, but if you’re new to the game, we’ll help you make a character and make sure that you know what’s going on. 

To request ASL, CART, or other disability related accommodations, contact, 720-865-1111. Minimum notice: 5 business days

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