virtual D&D campaign for teens



Ideal Ages:

12 to 18
Registration for this event is no longer open.

Program Description

Event Details

Are you looking to play a Dungeons and Dragons game with the same character and group of people for a longer time? We started a campaign game for those of you who asked to keep playing together! If you want to join, we've made it so a new person can jump right in. Registration required & attendance is limited to 7 people for a better gaming experience.

Here's the premise for the campaign:

It's been 10 years since the wars affecting Khorvaire paused due to the mass destruction caused by The Mourning. Now, more than ever, we need young heroes to help rebuild, strengthen, and grow our forces to defeat The Mourning and prevent anything like the centuries long war from happening ever again. At Eventbrite Academy that is our goal. We scout our students from every corner of Eberron and train them to be the future leaders, heroes, and citizens our country needs. The trials ahead promise danger, adventure, and possibly even death, but if you learn to work together we believe we can teach you to defeat any obstacle you encounter. 

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