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Welcome to the Perihelion nebula, where living, thinking ships are how people travel. Your ship is damaged, someone is muttering unhelpful nonsense through the boxes on the wall, and you have no idea where you are. Can you help repair the ship and save yourselves? Can you talk to the ship without laughing at its name?

We’ll start at level 3 so everyone can familiarize themselves with D&D. If you would like a pre-made character, you can find some here. This game will be good and neutral aligned. Feel free to make your own character if you want! I'm including the Eberron playbook in our game so if you want to be a Warforged or Artificer, you can. (If that last sentence meant nothing to you, that's okay!)

This game is open to teens in grades 6-12. We’ll accept any kind of human, just as long as you’re able to play well in a group! Registration is not required, simply click here to join. The game is limited to 7 players per session. If you have any questions, please email rcannon@denverlibrary.org

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