Songwriting Masterclass with Jenny Stafford


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Creating a song consists of two skills--writing music, and writing lyrics.  In this six-week course, students will learn about the basics of each, and how to put them together and let one inspire the other.  For lyrics, we will discuss the tools of lyric writing, and how to tell stories through lyrics. For music, we will debunk the theory that you have to read music and have a music degree to write a song, and learn how to unleash creative musical ideas into full ideas.  Students will have the opportunity to dive deep into these skills, respond to writing prompts, workshop their work, and receive feedback from the instructor and the class. Each class will build on the previous one, so please be sure that you can attend all 6 classes before registering!

This workshop is great for both experienced songwriters, and those interested in dipping their toes in the water!  Previous experience with writing lyrics/the ability to read and notate music will NOT be necessary skills for this class. And if you've joined us before for one of Jenny's classes, this is for you too! You'll deepen your skills in this series. This will be a fun, safe, encouraging environment that welcomes everyone to join with the skills they have, and grow!

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