Smarter Search Strategies for Genealogy

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Genealogy, Older Adults



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This one-hour presentation will cover why the  majority of genealogists begin their research online and often become frustrated with the lack of results. The cause might not be a lack of records at the specific site but the manner in which they are performing the search! Participants will learn basic online searching for the major genealogy websites.

We’ll progress to understanding specific search parameters for specific sites. Next, we’ll discuss whether it is worth the time to track searches as well as how to keep track of all the best ways of searching for a specific site. Finally, we’ll explore different wildcard characters and search methodology to get the most out of a website. Here are the topics that will be covered: Basics of Online Searching, Uncovering the Secret Records for Online Genealogy Sites, Should You Track Your Searches, Creating Site-Specific Cheat Sheets for Searching, How to Leverage the Power of Wildcards, Tips and Tricks for Smarter Searching, and a Resource List.

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For more information: Swedish Genealogy Society of Colorado

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