Saturday Matinee: Walter Chaw Talks Sidewalk Stories, 1989

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"Sitting in the dark, viewing Sidewalk Stories, I became aware that somehow my attention had been heightened and I was looking at the screen with more intensity than would usually be the case. Why was this? I think perhaps the silent format inspires us to participate more directly in the movie. A sound film comes to us, approaches us - indeed, it sometimes assaults us from the screen. But a silent film stays up there on the glowing wall, and we rise up to meet it. We take our imagination and join it with the imagination of the filmmaker." -- Roger Ebert

Join film critic Walter Chaw to talk about Charles Lane's Sidewalk Stories. This film is free to watch on the streaming service Kanopy which you can subscribe to using your library card. Not a Kanopy member yet? Grab your library card and get started here.

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