Saturday Matinee: Walter Chaw and Steve De Jarnatt Talk Miracle Mile, 1988

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"As Miracle Mile zigzags forward, its scenes of 4 A.M. panic on nearly empty streets have an antic comic energy that recalls the long night of American Graffiti. One scene in which a couple of policemen are set on fire in a gas station has the giddy sense of reckless adventure that almost cancels the horror of the incineration. And as Harry decides to rescue his true love rather than flee as fast as he can, his romanticism seems as dubiously impulsive as his readiness to believe a strange voice on the telephone." - Stephen Holden (New York Times)

Join film critic Walter Chaw and Miracle Mile director Steve De Jarnatt to talk about his film. Miracle Mile is available on DVD to DPL cardholders through Prospector, a combined catalog from other library collections near Denver. The film will not be shown at this online event, so please take the time to locate and view it prior to the discussion.

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