Saturday Matinee: Walter Chaw and Patton Oswalt Talk The City of the Dead, 1960

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"Released the same year as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, it shares that film's setup, of a beautiful young woman checking into a hotel that's a front for evil doings. Stevenson's Nan Barlow is an inquisitive college student investigating a New England town which was the scene of witchcraft trials some 250 years before. The film is less interested in making sense (the town is only partly inhabited by witches, so why don't they just take over so that none of the "civilians" can tell the outside world?) than in creating a mood of foreboding. Stevenson isn't much of an actress, but Moxey gives her enough support and offers a rousing, fiery finale in a graveyard to compensate." - Tom Wiener (AllMovie).

Join film critic Walter Chaw and actor Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille, Blade: Trinity, Young Adult) to talk about this film. The City of the Dead is free to watch on the streaming service Kanopy which you can subscribe to using your library card. Not a Kanopy member yet? Grab your library card and get started here.

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