Saturday Matinee: Walter Chaw and Edgar Wright Talk Blood and Black Lace, 1964

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The availability of this film varied between the UK where our guest Edgar Wright is, and the US. This particular feature is unavailable on Kanopy within the United States, but it is possible to see it through alternate sources. You can watch Blood and Black Lace for free on DailyMotion here, and on YouTube here.

"In sharp contrast to the monochromatic palettes we see in contemporary horror, Bava fills his chalice with cadmium hues ranging from reds, oranges, yellows, to blues, purples, and greens, but these aren’t just meaningless dabs. When black or red telephones are picked up, you know it spells doom. Even the mask of the killer is symbolic, resembling a faceless mannequin. Paradoxically decadent and hyper-moralistic, Bava has his cake and eats it too. The fashion world is a façade for infidelity, blackmail, promiscuity, avarice, drug use, back-biting, objectification, and abortion." - Alfred Eaker.

Join film critic Walter Chaw and director, screenwriter and producer Edgar Wright to talk about this film. 

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