Satrangi- Stories of Light

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Satrangi - Seven Stories of Light is written, choreographed and directed by Deepali Lindblom. She is an enigmatic dancer, actor and storyteller, and has conceived a multidisciplinary production to tell seven short stories from around the world. Part humorous, part touching but always riveting, Deepali and friends will bring alive these uplifting stories of seven Coloradans.

Join us in celebrating the global narrative of human joy and resiliency.

 'I was stubborn’ written by Peter Trinh

Highlighted Stories:

  1. I fell nine times but on the tenth, I became a champion - Jenny (Guatemala)
  2. Kindness, humility, empathy, these are values I learnt as a farm-boy   - Obert (Zimbabwe)
  3. The real treasure lies within us all. All we need to do is to believe - Susan (Ireland)
  4. If you want art that reflects you, you are going to have to make it yourself - Peter (Vietnam)
  5. Despite great tragedies, my father kept his promise to return - Naghem (Iraq)
  6. The more I got ill, the more I got teased, the fiercer my spirit got - Gretchen (USA)
  7. In India they say; soulmates for 7 lives. I didn't believe it until I met mine - Deepali (India)


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