Quilting Your Family History

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Genealogy, Older Adults



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Sharing the knowledge of your history using fabric and art is a wonderful way to share your heritage with your family and others. Kathy’s presentation will feature 14 unique quilts she has made that are about her family as well as research she has done to learn he stories behind the people in the quilts. The presentation features documents and photos that are not represented in the actual quilts.

Kathy’s current quilting project is about her great-great-grandfather who was a Jewish immigrant in 1848 and was involved with raising funds for the Mississippi Valley Sanitary Fair in St. Louis in 1864. That will be the main theme of the quilt. What is a sanitary fair and why was one held in St. Louis? Join us to find out that and more!

To attend this program and for more information, send your request to info@foothillsgenealogy.org or www.foothillsgenealogy.org. 

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