Mandinga Mangueiro: An Introduction to Capoeira the Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

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Capoeira is an exciting art and cultural expression that is a manifestation of Afro-Brazilian culture with strong African Roots, a product of the African Diaspora in South America. Enslaved African people who were forcibly moved from Western regions in Africa by the Portuguese were responsible for the development of Capoeira. Capoeira not only heavily influences Brazilian culture, but it has adopted pieces of the popular and indigenous characteristics of the culture. It is a perfect recipe of dance-like movements set to a rhythmic pace and mood that shares the history, lessons, and philosophy of Martial Arts techniques. These techniques are a symbol of resistance against oppression and marginalization. During this program, you will explore these aspects using movement, music, and storytelling.

Capoeira Denver is dedicated to sharing Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian culture by making it accessible to a diverse audience with the intention of sharing the best ways to experience it while maintaining the essence and quality. Capoeira Denver has taught and performed around the Denver Metro area with the Denver Boys and Girls Club, Denver Public Schools (DPS), and other organizations. Capoeira Denver has been in existence in Denver for over 25 years under various leadership and is part of an international group called Capoeira Luanda. Follow Capoeira Denver on Instagram and Facebook

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