Doc & Talk: Border Politics - Examining the Treatment of Refugees Across the Globe



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Join us for a documentary and discussion series. Each film selection will be available for streaming on View the film at your leisure anytime leading up to the online video discussion Thursday 6/10 at 7:00 pm.

Participants will receive a video link to their registered email address the day of the event, web video camera necessary for participation 

This week we are partnering with DPL's Cultural Inclusivity Services for 2018's Border Politics - Examining the Treatment of Refugees Across the Globe

This documentary follows human rights barrister Julian Burnside as he traverses the globe examining the harsh treatment of refugees by most Western democracies.

This contemporary story is about the threat to human rights, the loss of democratic values and our increasingly heartless treatment of 'the other'. Seventy years after the world constructed international conventions to ensure the horrors of World War 2 wouldn't be repeated, Burnside finds it terrifying to see Australian and other Western political leaders exploiting fears around border protection to extend political power.

Burnside questions whether the West has lost its moral compass by adopting ideas that reject humanity and undermine democracy. He concludes that this erosion of human rights poses a threat to the very democratic values that define Western society.

Watch the film here:

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