COVID-19 Vaccines: Questions and Answers with Dr. Bates


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We all want the pandemic to be over, and vaccines could help. It's natural to have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines! Dr. Emily Bates is here to help navigate them. Dr. Bates is a professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine, a Harvard Medical School PhD graduate, mother of two young children, and the wife of a local ice cream company owner. Learn how the coronavirus does its damage, how the vaccines work, and get answers to questions like: How does my immunity compare if I have recovered from Covid vs. if I am vaccinated? Can these mRNA vaccines affect my genes? Can the vaccine affect my fertility? How are mRNA vaccines different from traditional vaccines? If I am not at risk for severe Covid-19, is there an advantage to getting vaccinated? If these vaccines work, why do vaccinated people care if I'm vaccinated? How do my personal decisions about Covid vaccination affect my community?

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