Virtual D&D for teens Campaign: Trouble in the High Mountains

Ideal Ages:

13 to 18

Program Description

Event Details

Hello, adventurers!  This event is for a campaign, so a continuing storyline across multiple sessions.  If you only have a little experience with Dungeons and Dragons, that is totally fine!  However, we ask for no first time players because of current character levels. This campaign will be loosely based in the Forgotten Realms setting.  It will draw from original concepts and mechanics, official Dungeons and Dragons materials, and freely available fan contributed content.  You will be playing a group of both likely and unlikely heroes as they begin to make a name for themselves in the Northern Sword Coast.  Come prepared with a ninth level character and be ready for adventure! We'll send you a link to the session before the meeting.


The trial of Captain Wildcrest has ended in uproar.  Some call it injustice and others call it not enough.  But in the wake of this upheaval, something else has begun to grow.  Something that flashes blue and ivory.  Ace Hammerstriker, dwarven noble and friend of the party, seeks help with a missing cousin, missing riches, and a missing beloved grandmother who was supposed to be resting peacefully for eternity in a now upturned grave.  Dark shadows loom in the Spine of the World Mountains.  New friends and old foes lurk just beneath the surface.  Keep an eye out for restless spirits and well-meaning lies.  A labyrinth of death awaits you in Trouble in the High Mountains.


To get in the game, email Melody at Players are currently at level 8, but if you’re new to the game, we’ll help you make a character and make sure that you know what’s going on. 

To request a sign language interpreter or real time captioning via CART Services, please contact or call 720-913-8487, with a minimum three (3) business day notice. To request other accommodations, please contact

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