Author Talk with Danielle SeeWalker: Still Here: A Past to Present Insight of Native American People and Culture

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Danielle SeeWalker, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota, is a Hunkpapa & Oglala Lakota artist, writer, and mother based in Denver, Colorado. She serves as a Commissioner with the Denver American Indian Commission and is co-founder of The Red Road Project.

Through her artwork, writing, and lectures, Danielle aims to redirect the narrative to an accurate and insightful representation of contemporary Native America.

Still Here: A Past to Present Insight of Native American People and Culture is a new book that is a quick read offering insights about Native American people and culture.

“As a Native American myself, I am often approached with curiosity and a need for insight by my non-Native peers – both American and non-American – that know little to nothing of our U.S. history as it relates to the indigenous people and cultures that existed here pre-colonization.

What I have found, and what has inspired me to want to write this book, is that even most Americans that I come across do not know the true history of American Indian people and in some cases, that we even still exist today! I wanted to write a quick, easy-to-read book that addresses a lot of questions I receive as well as offer a high-level overview on particular topics of history and culture of Native American peoples in the U.S.”

–Author Danielle SeeWalker

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