Enter to Win Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company Tickets!

2019 Theatre Company Shows

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts partners with the Denver Public Library to provide a ticket voucher program for select Theatre Company shows.

  • Vouchers are awarded through a random lottery. Each lottery runs for one week and opens at 3 p.m.  Check lottery dates for each play below.  A permanent DPL library card in good standing is required
  • Winners are notified by a holds pickup notification within a few days of the lottery. You will receive two vouchers, redeemable for two tickets.
  • Vouchers are held for 7 days at the Borrower Services desk at your chosen holds pickup location
  • Call the box office at 303-893-4100 to redeem the vouchers for the night of your choice, subject to availability
  • Vouchers are removed from your account within a week of checkout

Ticket vouchers are limited, but the DCPA also offers a 15% discount on ticket prices to library card holders. Simply type in DPL19 as the promo code when you purchase your tickets. 

2019 DCPA Theatre Company Shows

Last Night and the Night Before

January 18 - February 24, Ages 16+
Lottery runs January 18 - 25


When Monique and her 10-year-old daughter Samantha show up unexpectedly on her sister’s Brooklyn doorstep, it shakes up Rachel and her partner Nadima’s orderly New York lifestyle in this poetic, powerful and remarkably touching drama.

Anna Karenina

January 25 - February 24, Ages 14+
Lottery runs January 25th - February 1, 


Anna Karenina uses the romantic backdrop of Tsarist Russia to tell a turbulent tale of passion and betrayal, dreams chased and lost, and the consequences of getting swept off your feet. Helmed by Artistic Director Chris Coleman, this lush, modern adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece brings the opulent setting and heart-wrenching story to life.

The Whistleblower

February 8 - March 10, Ages 17+
Lottery runs February 1 - 8 


For screenwriter Eli, an offer to finally create his own TV show should be the ultimate culmination of his goals, but instead shocks him into wondering why he had those dreams in the first place. Armed with a new sense of spiritual clarity, he sets out on a quest to serve up some hard truths to his coworkers, family, exes and friends. What could possibly go wrong? A lively world premiere about the lies we tell to protect ourselves and how the tiniest gestures can have deep impact on those around us.


April 26 - May 26, Ages 16+
Lottery runs April 12 - 19th

2017 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, #1 Play of 2017 – Time Magazine

For the people of Reading, Pennsylvania, work is so much more than a paycheck – it’s the glue that holds the town together. The floor of their central factory is where lifelong friendships are made, where love blossoms and where family members work side-by-side. But as layoffs become the new norm and a cheaper workforce threatens the viability of the local union, the threads that once kept the community together begin to fray.


Written by stacey on February 1, 2019


Laura on January 9, 2018


This is amazing!! Thank you very much for this partnership with DPCA. Is there a way to get an email notification when the voucher release date opens for the next shows?

John T. on January 9, 2018


How is it possible to place a Hold if HOLDS LIMIT FULL?


Hi John. It looks like DCPA gave the library a limited number of tickets: "Holds will be filled while supplies last." My guess is, once all the tickets are spoken for via the holds process, we can't place any more holds.

Does anyone at the library know how people might find out when tickets for the next set of shows will become available? I'm happy to bookmark this page, but I don't think that's the most efficient method.


That's correct, we had a limited number of vouchers from the DCPA, and stopped taking holds once our supply ran out.

We are still working on a set schedule for when the vouchers will be released based on how quickly these vouchers went. This post will be updated as soon as we know!

Kate A. on January 10, 2018


Wow! What a cool benefit!

Mark on January 10, 2018


This is great! Thanks!

Tony on February 4, 2018


Hi. I’ve been watching this blog for over a month. Nothing has been announced. Now it’s past the start date of some of the shows, and you have nothing. What’s up with that?

RR on February 6, 2018


Are you going to give away vouchers for The Great Leap? Play is already showing up and I really want to see it. Let us know if you are keeping this program, thank you.

my23travel@yahoo.com on April 1, 2018


how do I place a hold?? online as if it were a book hold or what? and when can I do it, only at the named voucher release date or what?? Robin C