Enter to Win Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company Tickets!

DCPA Theatre Company Shows

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts partners with the Denver Public Library to provide a ticket voucher program for select Theatre Company shows.

  • Vouchers are awarded through a random lottery. Each lottery runs for one week and opens at 3 p.m.  Check lottery dates for each play below.  A permanent DPL library card in good standing is required
  • Winners are notified by a holds pickup notification within a few days of the lottery. You will receive two vouchers, redeemable for two tickets.
  • Vouchers are held for 7 days at the Borrower Services desk at your chosen holds pickup location
  • Call the box office at 303-893-4100 to redeem the vouchers for the night of your choice, subject to availability
  • Vouchers are removed from your account within a week of checkout

DPL promo codes are no longer valid on ticket purchases. 

Upcoming Shows

Twelfth Night

November 15 – December 22, Ages 16+

Hilarious hijinks. Unrequited love. Gender-bending disguises. The struggle is real in this Shakespearean comedy, where the clumsiness of romance is on display in every way. Separated from her twin brother after a shipwreck in Illyria, Viola disguises herself as a man to work in the local household of Duke Orsino. The closer they become, the more Viola gets acquainted with Orsino’s crush, the beautiful noblewoman Olivia. Much to their dismay (and to your delight), the trio is inevitably thrust into a love triangle of mistaken identity and wanton foolishness.

Overflowing with quick wit and titillating trysts, this standout play by The Bard is sure to please with its captivating characters and one of his most dynamic heroines.

Written by stacey on August 6, 2019