You're not a player? We think you are.

 September's Game Night is top heavy like Jenga!

 We've got gamers covered for tomorrow night's Game Night at MadWine Bar and Novo Coffee -- and our night is going to be so top heavy with games and giveaways, that it's kind'f like a Jenga game -- wobbly, threatening to topple, and a ton of fun!

As always, we got games galore. Pursuit, Scrabble, Boggle, Balderdash, Yahtze, card games, Operation, Clue and many more. You can bring your favorite, too, and strike up a match. 

Our hosts, MadWine and Novo will be ready to make you something nice to sip, so bring a few bucks to show them some love.

And here's where the fun goes into overdrive: Fresh City Life will be giving away a stash of portable games to lucky gamers in attendance. Westword newspaper, our new Game Night sponsor, is bringing sweet SWAG bags for you and one lucky game player will win a pair of tickets to Comedy Works! Apparently it does pay to play games with people.

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Written by Chris on September 27, 2011

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