Your life might improve after a color theory class if:

you have any of these clothes in your closet.
this is your heading-to-the-office look. the neighbors are talking about your recent paint job. this makes you want to get in there and start cooking. these shoes seem to go with everything.

Color is visual. I'll let these photos make the argument for learning a little color theory.

Click on each photo to complete the sentence Your life might improve after a color theory class if:


Color in the Real World
Thursday, August 25, 2-4 p.m.
Central Library, Level 1 Fresh City Lounge
Registration Required

Our lives intersect with color theory all the time: when we’re adding clothes to our wardrobe, when we’re looking at road signs, when we want to upgrade our interior or exterior house paint. Explore the foundations of color and learn about colors as we find them – in yarn, fabric, beads, furnishings and home décor. You’ll also have the opportunity to experiment with various color combinations that will calm or excite. Author, artist and designer Renna Shesso teaches this ABCs of color theory.

This is a free event and each student will receive a color wheel as an acknowledgment of graduation!


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