You can't teach taste, but you can knit chic

 Color palettes became one of the important aspects of a recent knitting workshop.

 I got to use my color theory training a little bit during our Stripes and Bobbles Scarf workshop. Well-attended by a group of beginning and intermediate knitters, the pattern called for students to choose one space-dyed yarn and combine other solid yarns with it to create their stripes.

It was interesting to see which students went for a quiet, pastoral color scheme -- and which students went for the intense, saturated colors. And it reminded me that crafting allows each of us to explore design, color and our aesthetic choices -- honing skills that can be applied to clothing choices, home improvements and being a discriminating consumer. (Suddenly, I'm reminded of one of my college courses entitled, "Justifying Art Education.")

We've got a great knitting workshop coming up in April (and another wonderful opportunity to make confident color choices) with our Felted Clogs class. A friend gave me a pair of these for Christmas; they are ultra comfortable and perfect to wear around the house.

Christa Rogers, our crochet teacher, is putting together a beginning crochet class for April, too. And her workshop is building to several other advanced crochet classes we'll be hosting this year, so grab your hooks!

Written by Chris on March 23, 2011

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