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Submit Book Reviews Now for Summer of Reading!
The Summer of Reading book review extravaganza has begun! Write a book review from June 25-July 31 for the chance to win an iPod Shuffle! The more reviews you write, the better your chances of winning!

Teens visit Make Waves!

Kids visit Make a Splash!

Reviews are accepted only for books in the library's collection. All reviews will be entered into a random drawing and the winners will be announced in August. Good luck!


Written by nan on June 25, 2010


Anonymous on June 28, 2010


Where should I send my book review? (an email address..)?
Thanks, Julie


Hi Julie,
If you are going into grades 6-12 this year (2010) click on the Make Waves! link provided in the above blog (or right here) and write your review in the boxes provided. Be sure to include your phone number so that you are entered in the drawing for an iPod Shuffle!

If you're going into kindergarten through 5th grade this year (2010) then use the Make a Splash! link to write your review. And don't forget your phone number for the drawing!

If you should have any other questions about Summer of Reading please write us and we'll get right back to you with an answer!

Good luck in the drawing and have fun reading!



Schlessman Library once had a reading program for adults. How about after summer reading is over, DPL offer the chance an iPOD or CD player to adults who blog about their favorite book, film, or music CD? Thanks for considering!

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