World Refugee Day: One Refugee without Hope is Too Many

Book Image: Living in America
Book Image: Out of Iraq

World Refugee Day is Monday, June 20 and we are reminded of the estimated 15.6 million (2010 according to UNHCR Global Trends Report) refugees worldwide. Who is a refugee? A refugee is essentially a person who has had to flee his/her home country out of fear of persecution. Refugees from many countries are resettled in Colorado every year, from Burma (Myanmar), Somalia, and Sudan, among others.

Learn more about refugees by reading these personal stories for children:



Thank you so much for supporting my book, and paying attention to refugee children and their stories!

If you're interested in volunteering to assist refugees here in Denver, Lutheran Family Services of Colorado are always looking for cultural mentors and other volunteers:

Also a great local non-profit, Project Worthmore, can help you get involved directly or in fundraising efforts:

It's a great way to learn about other cultures while providing essential help for newly arrived refugees.

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