Hammer time! Thor's not just a comic book movie (really)

Kenneth Branagh's Thor, coming to DVD this week, is more than just the latest superhero movie from Marvel Studios (tying in to the Iron Man and Hulk movies), it is also (loosely) based on classic Norse mythology. That combination gives those interested a lot to check out....

In 1962, Stan Lee thought it might be "fun" to use the Norse mythology as a starting point for a new character. The result was Thor.

The movie adaptation of the comic book deals with the Viking legend source material, introducing various Norse gods (though these versions are a lot more like their Marvel comics versions than the originals). Kenneth Branagh partially got the job directing because he was familiar with family troubles between classical royalty after his Shakespeare adaptations.

Parts of the movie take place in the mythic land of Asgard, which is where Thor--in mythology and some of the comic books--had his adventures.

The library has both Thor's comic book adventures and books for all ages about the original Thor and Norse mythology in general. Here are some places to start, though a librarian can always help you find more....

Thor (in comics)


Thor (in mythology)

Written by awickliffe on September 12, 2011

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