Wireless Access at DPL

The Denver Public Library is pleased to offer free Wi-Fi access for your wireless device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is wireless available?
Wireless is available at all Denver Public Library locations.

Once I’m at a Denver Public Library location, how do I access the wireless service?
Your Wi-Fi-enabled device will detect the wireless signal when you power it on. Click on your Internet browser icon to open a browser page. Go to the website you wish to use.

Will the Denver Public Library provide wireless devices for customers to use in the Library?
No, you must provide your own Wi-Fi-enabled device. Stationary public access computers with Internet access are available at all Denver Public Library locations. If you do not have a wireless device, Library staff can assist you in making a reservation for a 30-minute or a 1-hour stationary computer.

How much will I have to pay to use wireless access at the Denver Public Library?
It is a free service.

Is there a time limit?
Unlimited Wi-Fi is available during the Library location’s open hours.

My battery is low or dead. May I use an electrical outlet?
You may, if you have a power cable, if you are in a public area and if a nearby electrical outlet is available. Please avoid blocking access to Library materials, entrances or service desks.

Will each location have designated spots to receive a Wi-Fi signal?
Public seating areas and study rooms were given highest priority for Wi-Fi access. Although the majority of Denver Public Library public spaces will be covered, there will always be dead spots at each location.

What do I do if my Wi-Fi signal is weak?
You may be in a dead spot. Try moving to a different area within the Library.

I’m having trouble accessing your wireless service. What kind of assistance can you give me?
Denver Public Library staff can help you get signed on, but we cannot troubleshoot your wireless device. Please contact your computer tech support regarding connectivity issues.

What can I do on my wireless device at the Denver Public Library?
Whatever your wireless device is capable of doing, you will be able to do through our wireless service. You will have to enter your library card number to connect to some library resources. You will not be able to connect to resources designated "Library use only" from your wireless device.

How can I print a document from my wireless device at the Denver Public Library?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to print from your wireless device, as personal devices will not be networked to our printers. You may, however, use a Denver Public Library public access computer to print your information.

How can I listen to audio files?
You may bring your own headphones or you may purchase a set for $1.00.

Will Internet access on my wireless device be filtered?
Yes. Filtering software is deployed for both wired and wireless Internet access.

Why is my wireless device so slow today?
Wi-Fi speed will depend on the number of concurrent users.

To send comments or suggestions about this new service, please email: webmaster@denverlibrary.org.