Why not Funny Girl?

Why are the same three films selected for sing-along nights: Grease, Sound of Music, and Rocky Horror Picture Show

Determined to put a stop to this and introduce some diversity, I asked an unsuspecting table of diners last evening: Why not Funny Girl? One diner felt the film had received too much bad press when first released in 1968 because Omar Sharif, a Franco-Arabic actor, was playing romantic lead to a young Jewish Barbara Streisand. He didn't know that Streisand had earned an Oscar for her performance. Another diner felt the story was too dated (like Maria in the Alps isn’t). Others felt the costumes and performances were too staged. This table of diners clearly had not seen Rocky Horror Picture Show. I concluded I would try a scientific approach. I would screen the film and encourage others to sing along.

Borrowing an apartment with a television screen worthy of Funny Girl, a group of singologists came together in an apartment above the city. We sang, ate, laughed, and then somewhere along the way, silence….because Barbara Streisand’s voice is so amazing we actually wanted to hear HER SING!

Mystery solved.

Written by Laurie. on July 20, 2010


Anonymous on July 21, 2010


I think the real question is, Why not Moulin Rouge! ?

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