Art Is Primordial and For Everyone

 ArtSkool debuts with a workshop that highlights one of the first art mediums: Mud!

pri·mor·di·al,  adjective

1. Existing at or from the beginning of time, primeval -- the primordial oceans

2. (esp. of a state or quality) Basic and fundamental -- the primordial needs of the masses

While it's unlikely that the first sea creature to give land a try looked back at its tracks and noted the artistic pattern they made in the mud -- clay was and remains one of our primordial materials for making art.

And shortly after Man became self-aware, he started making art. Based upon the visual record created by primitive Man on the walls of the caves at Lascaux (second photo), humans have been compelled to make art from the beginning. Apparently art is a primordial need of the masses.

This Thursday 5/12, Fresh City Life at Central debuts its newest offering for Denver culture vultures -- ArtSkool -- with a workshop on clay handbuilding. Presented by talented local artist Marie Gibbons, students will create their own finished sculpture for kiln firing, while at the same time explore the raison d'etre of art in our modern world.

ArtSkool will be a monthly event focusing on different elements, principles and media of visual and performing arts. More info.

Written by Chris on May 10, 2011

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