Who Says Hard Copy Print is Dead?

Magazines: The Power of Print
Ready Made Magazine Reason Magazine Lapham's Quarterly Kiki

Seems rather redundant for an advertisement about magazines to get a two page spread in lots of magazines lately. Then again, the magazine industry just wants to bust some myths about the printed word.

Visit Magazines: The Power of Print and you'll see some surprising statistics.

  • During the 12 year life of Google, magazine readership actually increased 11%
  • Since Facebook was founded, magazines gained more than one million young adult readers
  • Magazines rank No.1 at influencing consumers to start a search online
  • 4 out of 5 adults read magazines

This last fact is speaking to me. Who doesn't love a shiny magazine? How nice is it to have something to pass the time at the doctor's office? Need to get inspired to cook something new or try a new paint color? Want to explore a new scientific discovery? Where would be a new place to take a vacation? Magazines can expand your point of view.

The world of magazines is all-encompassing and you can find some gems in the Denver Public Library. Besides the extraordinary collection for browsing at the Central Library (think Coin World), your neighborhood branch might carry something to strike your fancy as well.

Old House Journal

Down Beat

The Crisis

Shambhala Sun

Lapham's Quarterly


Ready Made


Vogue Knitting International

Weight Watchers

Of course, many of our locations will have our comfort food magazines: People, Time, O, Real Simple, National Geographic, Architectural Digest, Good Housekeeping.

As the magazine campaign says "This is not the Internet. Feel free to curl up and settle in."