Who needs the library?

Who needs the library? Probably you! Below is just a small sampling of some of the people we serve on a daily basis.

Are you surprised to learn about any of the above services? Then you'll be surprised to learn there's more. Like I said, this is but a small sample of the people who use and rely on their library. Keep digging on this website to unearth more. Pop into a branch and ask some questions. The more you get to know your library, the more it will have to offer you.

Written by christopher on April 21, 2011


Barbara on April 22, 2011


Nice post! This gives a good sampling of what the library has to offer. And it shows that EVERYONE needs the library, now more than ever. There is a big misconception going around that libraries are becoming obsolete now that lots of people use the internet from home and use digital readers, and digital books. Could it be true that maybe we don't need libraries anymore? Thanks for answering this question. Yes, we all need libraries.

amyP on April 23, 2011


WOW! What a well written, clear expression of the role of modern libraries in people's lives! A patron brought your post to my attention - she shared it with her LIS students as an excellent example of expressing to the public the value of libraries in a meaningful way - moreso than library value calculations, etc. Excellent job!

Anonymous on April 23, 2011


Great post Chris. In light of our current "situation" we should have this made into bookmarks to hand out to the public. Thank you for creating this.

Gem on April 24, 2011


This is such a wonderful description and so many people don't know!

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