Westside Library Location Selected

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Westside Library Location

At its regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday, June 17, the Library Commission voted on the Colfax and Irving (Avondale) site as the preferred site for the new Westside Library. It will become the selected site upon final negotiation of sales terms and approval of a purchase contract by the City and the property owner.

The Commission arrived at this decision after an extensive review process, including discussions with the community, and considering -- among other issues -- accessibility to the most number of Denver residents, with a focus on children. Additional criteria included parking, land price, bus access, light rail access, total population within one mile and site size.

Last fall, three sites were presented to the public for feedback: 17th Avenue at Sheridan, Colfax at Yates, and 10th at Sheridan. Since that time, two additional locations had been added to the list of possible sites: Colfax at Stuart and Colfax at Irving.

Several community meetings were held over the past year to gather feedback. The most recent meeting was held on Thursday, June 10. Approximately 90 people gathered at Confluence Ministries to listen to an update from DPL staff, ask questions and express their thoughts and concerns about the sites.

From here, various city agencies will conduct their due diligence on the preferred site. This research will take place within the next several months. After the property is acquired, an architect will be selected and will work with the community to design the building. Construction is scheduled to begin sometime in 2011 and the opening should occur in early 2013. The new library, along with the new branches at Stapleton and Green Valley Ranch, will be built with Better Denver Bond funds approved by voters in 2007.

For the latest information, please visit the West Denver Branch Library bond page.


I just read the Article in the Denver POst about naming the new library. I am appauled. Since when is all of West Denver represented by only Hispanics? es I risk not being politically correct, but give me a break. You have already alliegnated a large nuimber of people with non-hispanic names. It is like the Library is only for them. You cannot come up with something nuetral? And Corky? GIVE ME A BREAK! Colfax is the best.

The Denver Public Library will be holding two community meetings — one in English and one in Spanish — to accept suggestions from the public to name the new Branch Library in West Denver.

English: Tuesday, May 7, 2013: 6-7:30 p.m.
Cheltenham Elementary Cafeteria, 1580 Julian St., Denver, CO 80204

Spanish: Wednesday, May 8, 2013: 6-7:30 p.m.
Cheltenham Elementary Cafeteria, 1580 Julian St., Denver, CO 80204
For more information, call 720-865-1108

Suggestions will also be accepted via mail/email through May 15, 2013.

See Suggest a Name for the New Branch Library in West Denver for more information.

Which corner of Colfax and Irving? Thanks

The new location will be on the southeast corner of West Colfax and Irving Street. Since the time of this blog post, a West Denver Branch Library bond page was created with more information.

I believe a new library should be built at Green Valley Ranch. But I wonder about spending funds to build the other two libraries whose sites are close to branches that already close a number of days during the week because of budget cuts.

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