Web Development Class Series

Web Development Class Series

Interested in learning how to build your own website?  Come to our series of 4 classes to learn the basics of website development using Wordpress.com.

Classes run from 5:45 - 7:45 p.m. on Level 4 in the Large Classroom at the Central Library on the following days:

Monday, June 6; Monday, June 13; Monday, June 20; Monday, June 27.

Each class in this series will build on the skills covered in the previous classes so attendance at all four is strongly recommended.  Over the course of the 4 classes, we will cover:

  • Creating a WordPress account and getting started
  • Understanding the editing environment
  • Editing your Webpage and its objects
  • Adding text
  • Inserting images
  • Creating links and navigation bars
  • Adding and organizing Webpages
  • And more!

If you already have a WordPress account, but want to learn more about how to use it, the later classes would be a great addition to your skills!


Are you offering this class anytime soon? If so, I would like to sign up for it.

Are you offering this class anytime soon? I would like to be able to sign up for it if you are.

I found this class as well, its at Denver Open Media.

It is a 3D Animation Class:


How much is the cost?
What do we need to have?
Do you have a homework assignment?
What is the title of book you use?
Thank you

How much is the cost?
What do we need to have?
Do you have a homework assignment?
What is the title of book you use?

Greetings Anonymous,

All classes offered by the Community Technology Center are free to the public.  You are welcome to attend as many classes as you can fit in your schedule at absolutely no cost.  Feel free to check our online calendar for more information about classes we offer!

You don't need to bring anything physical, but you do need to have basic computer skills and an email address.  We have 36 computers in our classroom, but if you prefer to work with your own laptop, by all means, please bring it with you!  You will have access to our wireless network from the classroom.

There will be homework assignments after each lesson.  Each class will build progressively on each other, and some of the work will need to be done at home to be successful in keeping up in the next class. 

We will not be using any books, we have a professional web designer teaching the class.  However, if you are interested in checking out some books about WordPress to continue your education, feel free to check our catalog

Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you in the class!

I have just seen the info about this series of classes. I am interested but have missed the first class. Is it too late to come next week?
Is there somewhere online I could find what I missed last Monday? Thanks

Greetings Anonymous,

Thanks so much for your interest in our classes.  We would love to have you attend the remeainder of our Web Development series.

In the last class we set up our WordPress.com accounts, talked about the differences between blogs and websites, and created several pages and links on our web pages.  If you are interested in further information, feel free to look at our example web page

If you are able to set up your WordPress.com account and create several pages, please feel free to attend our class.  If you are unable to make it to this series, we are planning on offering this series again in September or October.  Please keep checking our online class calendar for future classes.


I missed the first class and I noticed that you created menu tabs at that time. I desperately need to learn how to do this. Would I be able to learn it in the second class? I'm having to move my blog so this is essential - AND timely!!! I will definitely come.

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