The LIVING wearing the DEAD!!

I love watching zombie movies so when I heard about a series I had to watch it and let me tell you I haven't been disappointed. I like how The Walking Dead brings new elements to the table that have never been done before in any zombie film I've seen. For instance I like how the cast like to NOT use guns, the reason being that the noise draws out the Dead! Also I haven't ever seen the concept where the "Living" wear body parts of "The Dead" to walk around undetected! There's only 6 episodes airing but please don't be discouraged of watching it based on that reason. It's full of suspense and did I mention- ZOMBIES!! When part two of the season airs it'll have 13 episodes so please stay tuned!

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Written by Lupe on November 22, 2010


Tara on November 22, 2010


It's a graphic novel too, I learned! I love the cinematography and the deep character development that the show provides. I'm hooked!

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